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 Recommendations & Other Nice Things

I'm incredibly lucky in so many ways -- the first is that I get to make a living doing something I love; the second, that I've gotten to do it with so many truly brilliant minds and inspiring artists. Here's what some of those amazing people have had to say.

Bryan Hynes

Vice President, Creative Director 

L.F. O'Connell

Su-Jit is a truly accomplished wordsmith who delivers volumes of stellar content at a pace I had never before witnessed in my significant (long) career. Her masterful ability to assume the voice(s) for multiple brands and engage with audiences on their terms was invaluable—leading to amazing results for our client’s brands—especially in emerging social channels. 

In the end, Su-Jit’s skills and creativity are only part the story, for it’s what she brings to the team as a collaborator and a person that stand out as the great intangibles you look for in a team member. She was my passionate, intelligent creative partner for over two years and truly made it a joy and an adventure each and every day. I look forward to collaborating with her again in the future.

Hanorah Hurley
Visual Production Artist

Vertigo, Slubsgraphics

Su-Jit is the copy queen. 

A recommendation from a designer/animator, like me, will be the worst written thing associated with Su-Jit. 

She is a pleasure to work with. Su-Jit is collaborative, creative, helpful, excited, and energetic. She uses Oxford commas, but when the tone prescribes, can set aside pretension and give the copy personality and depth. 

Collaborating with our creative team, Su-Jit materializes a wide breadth of well-constructed copy options. Not only does she write, but she molds concepts from their larval stages, carefully gleaning discovery from each client. 

I would recommend Su-Jit's copywriting talent and skill to any business who wants come across the way they think of themselves. In the same way a designer creates a look, Su-Jit, injects tone, personality, beauty, intrigue and imagery into her work. She writes in color and space. She sets the stage for the show.

Jen Forget

Agency 4J Inc.

Creative service providers are easy to come by. Great talent is not. And Su-Jit is a rare gem. She understands the brief and consistently delivers smart, relevant concepts and copy that "fits" the channel. She asks insightful questions, is always open to receiving feedback and is able to translate her big ideas into effective marketing solutions.

 S Colombatto

Copy Chief

K Street Partners

I’ve been impressed with Su-Jit since the first day I was introduced to her. I had just finished developing the brand of a digital marketing firm and needed help writing the content for their website. Su-Jit came on board and, within a remarkably short amount of time, was able to translate the complex source material into entertaining, easy-to-read copy. Since it was an international firm, she also recognized the cultural differences that existed and was able to write content that got approved on both sides of the pond. She’s smart, talented, very professional, and can be quite funny. And though I know her mostly as a copywriter, I’m also a big fan of her other writing as well. I recommend her for any position that offers a challenge, any article that requires a unique point of view, or any project where writing is important and needs to make a difference. And I truly look forward to the next time we can work together.

Chris Rosaschi

Senior Art Director

The EGC Group

The easiest way I can sum up my professional opinion of Su-Jit is that I truly miss working with her. Not only is she a talented, creative, quick, and polished copywriter that can write in many voices and styles, she is a true team player, a natural leader, and simply fun to be around. 

The one amazing thing that I believe makes Su-Jit such a valuable asset is her ability to concept, to come up with that unique angle that makes you wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?" She also is one of those people who can take someone else's ideas and make them better! I can't tell you how many times I roughed out general ideas or handed her a paragraph of copy that was creative yet poorly written and got back something I was PROUD of! Thanks for making me a better creative director Suj!


Lisa Ahrens

Travel Impressions

Director, Marketing Communications

Su-Jit's enthusiastic spirit and positive outlook was immediately apparent at our first meeting, but what truly distinguished her over time was her unique combination of these intangibles, along with a tremendous work ethic and excellent writing skills. Su-Jit is always ready, willing and up for the task, whether it is a simple copy review, the crafting of complex, integrated marketing campaigns or supporting our corporate communications program. Her versatility, speed and skill has been critical in helping us raise the level of marketing as well as internal and external communications at TI. I highly recommend Su-Jit and know that, as a career-oriented professional, she would be a valued asset to any organization fortunate enough to have her on their team.


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