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Suj be nimble, Suj be quick.

(But Suj'll trip over that candlestick.)

I'm great on paper.


Literally. I think through my fingers and truly love what I do, so any challenge that involves words and a page? Well, bring it. Agile, adaptable, and energetic are among the string of adjectives that describe me, but take me off the keyboard into the physical realm and I'm that dog you throw a ball at who gets bonked in the face. 


But if you want a window into who I am personally ... well, here are a couple of pages out of my open book.


I am a four-dimensional person.

I have four great passions in life and they all feed (!) into each other. My goal is simply to see all the sights, taste all the flavors, do all the things ... and tell everyone.

  • Travel: Experiencing and appreciating what a beautiful world we live in keeps me humble and constantly learning, and I LOVE to learn. As a history major, it's thrilling to see culture for myself; as a writer, I'm enthralled by the stories that travel creates.

  • Food: I can eat my body weight, and I only feel a little bad about it. Plus, having grown up in a restaurant kitchen, my stint as Food Editor for a New Orleans publication did nothing to stem this addiction. I often travel just to eat.

  • Fitness: In turn, I can deadlift my body weight. We're only given one body, and it's fascinating what it can do if you push it. I mean, I'm not an orgo queen, but I eat clean and work the f* out, from kettlebell training to kickboxing and hot yoga. 

  • Writing: Especially about the above. The whole idea about sharing things I've experienced or learned about has always been infinitely appealing, and it makes the world a better, more open-minded place. 


I think that once you start thinking you're the best, that's when you stop being the best.

I know I'm great at what I do and really, really FAST, both when it comes to writing and picking up new skills. I also know that there's no place for tears or ego in creative. You can't grow if you get butthurt over feedback instead of using it constructively. And you certainly can't be amazing at writing if you rest complacently on your laurels based on past achievements. That's why I like to be surrounded by people smarter than me, who will challenge, push and criticize my work so that together, we can make something amazing. 


I also think a little humility goes a long way.

I am grateful for every opportunity placed before me and every chance that's taken on me. I never take it for granted, and will bust my ass to make sure I earn it every day. Because, like I say, if I'm not going to go big, I may as well go home. And although home is a happy place, it's still house arrest if that's the only arena you command.



Ten Trivial Tidbits


  1. I like alliteration. A lot.

  2. I laugh loud and heartily. (It annoys my dad.)

  3. I eat with vigor. This often leads to injury and subsequent sadness.

  4. If you want to make me mad, lie to me about my food.

  5. I know a lot of random, sometimes useless facts, but none of them are about movies.

  6. I make the words but I cannot math. At all.

  7. I go with my gut and believe in serendipity. 

  8. I live and let live, and believe all should love freely.

  9. My secret talents are singing (I did it competitively in a past life) and acrylic portrait painting.

  10. I am a writer by  nature, something I fought against for years. But sometimes, Mom and Dad do know best. Sometimes.

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