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 Word on the street is that you need some. 

Words, I mean. And boy, have I got a lot of them for you.
Because it's not always what you say, but how you say it. 


My goal is to help you say it right.  Create the connection. What I do is take simple facts and bullet points and turn them into compelling stories with highly strategized messages or narratives designed to make your readers feel.  


In editorial, I become my subjects. I craft stories with emotional depth and real passion. My experiential style makes them part of the narrative and gives it heart, while finding unusual perspectives and adding a dash of cheek create uniqueness in the telling of the tale. 


With copywriting, I become the consumer. I work with brands to discover their voice and shape a tone that speaks to their key demographic. I make readers feel the enthusiasm I feel for your organization, product, or service, because that's what initiates a conversation. Drives conversions. Generates results. Hits KPIs ... and all that other good stuff that comes from a diverse background in integrated marketing, multimedia advertising, and smart strategy.

When it comes to branded content and influencer marketing, I toe the line between both, sharing information in an evangelistic style to rave in a seemingly organic fashion about what sets the client apart.


In general, I can be whoever you need me to be. I can write in any voice, style, or tone, capturing the essence of the speaker as a ghostwriter, the soul of a company as a copywriter, and the heart of a publication or subject as an editorial writer.


Turning my love of language into advocacy is my passion, and it shows with every carefully chosen word--words selected to awaken curiosity, create a need, and evoke desire for whatever it is you're trying to put out in the world.

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